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After 30 years of Human Services work I know that for some people Life can be a never ending revolving door of ongoing or repetitive despair. In the mid-90s I was introduced to Hypnotherapy by a chance Ad for the Peter Alan Institute for Advanced Learning. My missing key!!

I realized quickly that Traditional methods, although successful, lacked a key ingredient. This key allowed people to learn the use of an ancient and completely natural talent to assist them in most cases to a quick and permanent end of their difficulties and improve their life. It was truly the best way for people to learn to manage our lives in a healthy way.

The lure of walking on the “wild side” promoted by questionable advisors in life is often overwhelming. Being it to engage in, or fall back into unacceptable or unhealthy behaviours is all too easy to do.  Hypnosis offered a way to bypass all the hidden psychological blocks in the subconscious mind allowing the practitioner to help the client make real lasting changes.  Through my training with the Peter Alan Institute, I knew the subconscious was far more powerful than the conscious and the “true” ruler of peoples lives. When push came to shove it would win out good or bad. So we had to make sure it contained good information. Over the years
I have seen phenomenal results from the people I have worked with…

Who really “wanted” change and control back in their lives, to release inner strength, be successful in a short period of time, and offer more permanent results than anything else I have encountered.

I was hooked. This was a way to not only produce change in my own life, but also to help others do the same. I have never looked back! 

I graduated from the Peter Allan Institute in 1996 as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Hypnotist then continued to enrich my training with undergraduate studies at Thompson Rivers University (British Columbia, Canada) in Psychology.  I have also produced a “stage” production which toured on a regular basis throughout North America providing an enjoyable night of humour and entertainment.

Being a well rounded experienced practitioner I look forward to answering all your questions and the opportunity to teach you how to release the “power you have within you and learn to take charge and change your life forever.”

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Have you considered Hypnosis but need answers to questions?

The following are the most commonly asked questions and answers: Can anyone be hypnotized? YES!

Hypnosis is a natural tool allowing alignment of purpose and resolution of life’s conflicts. Everyone can be hypnotized,10% attain the state quickly and easily the rest will enter hypnosis with varying levels of intervention. The easy 10% of people will be hypnotized deeply,as seen in many stage performances. The deep trance phenomenon is not needed for successful clinical therapeutic purposes. Remember, all levels of hypnosis are conducive to intervention and dealing with your personal concerns. Everyone can be hypnotized, provided they enter the session willingly.

Does the Hypnotist have control of my mind? NO!

During a clinical session the person looks asleep, but is not. You will be relaxed, mentally alert and retain at all times a level of awareness to your direct environment. Hypnosis is best described as an altered state of consciousness, a changed state of awareness, concentration and perception.

What is the difference between Hypnosis and Meditation?

Meditation is a process with the goal of achieving stillness of mind. Hypnosis is a process with the goal of achieving a state of heightened focus and selective thinking called somnambulism. In order to achieve a state of meditation one is typically called upon to “empty” their mind of all thoughts. In hypnosis, the body and mind are taken into a very relaxed state where specific suggestions are given which in turn helps the client achieve their specific goals.

Is Hypnosis in your office like stage shows where people do funny acts?

NO! Although similar hypnotic techniques are used, in a clinical setting the client’s welfare is the sole focus of each session and is geared towards helping you with targeted goals. Stage hypnosis is a “show” where people perform acts used to entertain an audience.

HYPNOSIS – The Truth About Clinical Hypnosis

A century ago, doctors and practitioners mistakenly believed (called Mesmerism from the founder Dr. Mismer) hypnosis was external – and influenced by someone or something outside the person.  Today we know this is not the case. Hypnosis is a self-induced altered state of consciousness with the professional assistance of a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist – 100% safe and natural.

In hypnosis, the subject does not lose awareness or fall asleep.  Part of that misconception is based on the name “Hypnosis” which was coined by Scottish born Physician James Biard, who observed in the 1840’s that subjects seemed to be in a state of “Neruro Hypnosis” or nervous sleep. In the state of hypnosis a client is alert and aware of all that is going on around him or her. Hypnosis more closely approximates normal waking consciousness than it does sleep.

When a person is hypnotized a technique is often used which will induce a drowsy lethargic state by a combined method of relaxation and suggestions of sleep.

Hypnosis is a much more accessible experience than many people believe,  all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis, and given a little practice, people should be able to produce the required effects within themselves without difficulty.  Mental and physical experiences that can accompany hypnosis or deep relaxation can dramatically alter an individuals quality of life.  In todays world further studies agree that hypnosis can be used to assist in healing the mind and body interactively.  It is believed the subconscious mind is the driver behind all decisions.

The conscious mind thinks it makes and carries out your daily plans, yet needs the agreement of the subconscious mind. In knowing our subconscious mind, we can consciously direct our activity towards the goals we desire.

Simply put, clinical hypnosis should not be feared but embraced as a NATURAL way of reaching your goals of a healthier life.


The Sandman (Master Hypnotist/Entertainer)


MASTER HYPNOTIST Ed Pingrenon presents one of the funniest, most professional hypnosis shows.

The Pingrenon Hypnosis Show is a repeat favourite at Night Clubs, Corporate Parties, Comedy Clubs, Community Fundraisers, Colleges and Universities across the country.

What People Are Saying:

“Pingrenon was unbelieveable! I have never heard our patrons laugh as much as they did…we have already rebooked his return engagement”

“The show was insanely funny and can’t remember the last time we laughed that hard. It was a great end to our corporate convention”

“Ed is always a crowd pleaser. He is extremely likeable and professional to work with. Look forward to many more successful evenings”

“He leaves the people on stage with goal oriented suggestions. I was amazed at the power of Hypnosis. Ed made a believer out of me”

“I consider Ed Pingrenon one of the finest stage hypnotists in the world.” – Jerry Valley Productions

Let Pingrenon make your next event a total Success!



Passionately Devoted to the Client

“This letter of recommendation comes from the heart and with utmost sincerity from a very grateful client of Mr.Ed Pingrenon, Master Hypnotist and Clinical Therapist. My name is Patricia Skinner and I was referred to Ed’s therapy last spring while unsuccessfully coping with post traumatic stress, a nervous breakdown and severe depression. Click here to read more…

Personal Stress Relieved

“I have attended two of the Hypnosis evenings that were put on by Mr. Ed Pingrenon. I found the evenings to be very informative, he had on hand reference books and materials for personal enhancement or expansion of the information he was presenting. Click here to read more…

Weight Loss that Lasts

“No Longer am I embarrassed to be seen in public. For years the “battle of the bulge” has controlled my life. Click here to read more…

Grateful for a New Path

“I have struggled to stop smoking for over 24 years. Mr. Pingrenon, through guided Hypnosis sessions allowed me to overcome my personal addiction and begin enjoying 100% of what life has to offer. Click here to read more…

Unique and Impressive

“Ed Pingrenon is one of the finest stage hypnotists in the world. When he attended my hypnosis training, he stood out and heads above the others. Click here to read more…


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